6 Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Needs An Ads Manager

There really is no better time to be using social media to advertise.

With approximately 2.96 billion people on Facebook and 1.38 billion on Instagram you’d almost be crazy not to. Especially when the average person is scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for 30 mins, everyday (we know it’s more than that though).

If you want your ads to work you need to grab attention instantly.


Because 2.96 billion people on Facebook alone is a LOT of noise.

Getting the right attention will:

  • Create a solid brand awareness
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Increase lead generation
  • And most importantly stay top of mind for your ideal audience

While there are 100’s & 1000’s of reasons why you’re better off outsourcing to an ads expert, below are the top six sweetest reasons for you to take the leap:

1. Ad management expertise

An ads manager specialises in understanding and knowing how to create and manage successful ad campaigns. They bring this expertise to your marketing team, ensuring that the team’s ad efforts are effective and successful.

Tap into the ninja skills of an ads manager

2. A tested ads strategy

They’ve done the hard work and found out what works so you can place your content into a proven strategy to get seen by potential customers quicker. Once the campaigns are up and running the ads manager will optimise the strategy to suit your business. Replacing guesswork with calculated moves.

Stop wasting money on ads that don’t work

3. Improved efficiency

Having an ads manager take over the day-to-day management of your ad campaigns frees up the rest of the marketing team to focus on their true area of expertise. This can help to improve overall success and happiness for you and your team.

Focus on your expertise & increase team happiness

4. Better targeting

With more knowledge there is power. And chances are an ads manager will be able to tap into what’s working across their various campaigns in audience targeting options to ensure that your marketing team’s ads get shown to the right people. This can help to improve the effectiveness of the ad campaigns and lead to better results.

Get in front of (& remembered by) the right audience

5. Increased ROI

Managing ad campaigns effectively, an ads manager can help to drive a higher return on investment for the marketing team. Optimising ad spend, improving ad performance, or finding new ways to reach potential customers.

The magic is in the numbers & knowing what to do next

6. Best practices

Advertising is an ever-evolving field, and keeping up with the latest industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices can be a huge task for an in-house team. An Ads Manager is dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and best practices in advertising, ensuring that they are always equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

By outsourcing to an Ads Manager, your marketing team can tap into a wealth of knowledge and leverage it to develop effective advertising campaigns, maximise their budget, and achieve better results.

Stay on top of trends so you can stay top of mind

Worried that your ads aren’t reaching the right people? or they aren’t getting value for money?

Or maybe you need to get started on Facebook ads and want an expert to get it done right.

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