Facebook and Instagram
VIP express ads

Imagine having the clarity of a night owl on a foggy night when it comes to your facebook and Instagram ads.

No more second guessing your ads.
Because your campaigns are backed by the knowledge of an ads expert as we deep dive and set up your ad campaigns all in ONE DAY.

You're an entrepreneur on a mission to help others with your fantastic offer, course, service (you get the idea) but you need to step it up and access more people you can help.

You know they’re out there!
Waiting for you to change their lives!

Maybe you’ve thought about advertising on Facebook but don’t know where to start.

You’ve tried running ads but you soon realised that there’s no such thing as beginners luck with ads.

And you’re not convinced or ready to spend $3000+ per month for a dedicated ads expert (also me!) for your business

Then my VIP day is the answer to all your hesitations.

A day dedicated to your business success and growth where you’ll ride into the sunset with a done for you ad campaign, ready to go to work for you.

You’ll see exactly what’s been created, how it’s been created and what results to expect.

You’re now thinking that’s too good to be true, but it’s not because you’ll be in my reliable hands.

So, is a day really enough? 


What we can achieve in a day? 

Set up the Foundations

Making sure your Business Manager is correctly set up so that you avoid it getting shut down.

Review your Avatar and Messaging

The success of your Facebook Ads starts here – with the RIGHT message to your ideal client.

Launch Campaigns

Launch with confidence knowing all the ground work is DONE to publish Ads that convert your ideal clients.

The VIP experience, it’s an experience alright.

This is a premium 1:1 action packed day where we spend 4 1/2 hours together to set you up for success and do. The. Do.

All the achievable steps would single-handedly take you (or an expensive Agency) weeks to do.
And you get to stop losing time, money and sleep over all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what nexts’ when it comes to your Facebook Ads.

Customised. Stress free. High Impact.

And just so you know that I REALLY want you to succeed, you also get 7 days of voxer and email access to me afterwards for any questions regarding your new ad campaign.


We'll work on what you need most right now in your business

Client Attraction

If you don’t have a “Funnel” and want to build an audience to increase brand awareness, or strengthen with Lead Gen Campaigns

The Tech

The Tech set up New to Facebook Ads and need to set up things like Business Manager Ad Accounts, Domain Verification before loading Campaigns

Audit & Overhaul

You’ve been running Facebook Ads for Leads or Sales and need to audit existing Ads and Funnel before launching new Campaigns

SugarPop Social Bakes Facebook & Instagram ads to Perfection!

You won’t find messy outdated targeting strategies from 2016 here!
No, instead you’ll get the saucy lead generation strategies that grow businesses to 6 and 7 figures.

If you’re a coach or course creator and you want to fill your online programs, you need a layered strategy that magnetises your content, builds affinity and authority and converts like sticky date pudding in the newsfeed!

I help coaches and online course creators focus on growing the business they dream of with clients they want to work with and achieve the financial freedom they need to be powerful initiators of positive change in our communities and the world.


I have worked with Amy a few times now and can honestly say that she is a true rare gem in the digital world. Honest, knowledgeable and always shows up with a smile. Amy recently set up an ad campaign for us on her "VIP Express Ads" package and the results so far are amazing. Service was so good I'll be going back for more and more