Ever wanted an Ad Managers eyes to look over your ads? Or help with what ad type you should be running?

Join me, Amy Wyhoon, for weekly Facebook Ads group coaching and support

My group coaching is just what you need. Get access to me each week on our LIVE calls to get your burning questions answered.

Just like a playground, I want you to enjoy advertising on socials and so I’ve created a supportive space for you to explore, learn, and grow your Facebook ads skills.

Each month you’ll get:

1 hour live calls each week (via zoom)

Get your big and little questions answered by an expert on zoom as your ads roll out. 

Exclusive access to our facebook community

A private space to make friends with others, build connections, share results and learn from each other.

Personalised support and individual ads help

Got ad copy you want reviewed? Not sure if you’ve set your campaign up right?

Post in the private group and get the answers you need.

Wondering what you’ll gain from playing with us?

The world is your oyster, you get what you put in but here’s what we explore
  • Better ads results
  • Increasing reach
  • Maximising campaign budget
  • Plugging funnel gaps
  • Magic mechanics – every campaign set up correctly to let Facebook do the hard work
  • Data whispering
  • Strategically Scaling

This is for you if...

You’re an Established Business Owner

You have a solid business but want to get your offer out there more effectively through Facebook and Instagram ads.

You Need Support on Your Ads Journey

You desire an expert “ads manager in your pocket” to look over your campaigns and provide hands-on guidance.

You’ve Tried Ads Without Success

You’ve attempted running ads before but didn’t see the sales, leading you to believe that “ads don’t work for my business” or that they’re just a waste of money.

You Feel Your Audience Isn’t Big Enough

You’re struggling with not having a large enough audience to convert into sales and need strategies to expand your reach.


You Want to Start Running Ads but Don’t Know How

You’re eager to leverage the power of ads but feel lost in the maze of where to begin and how to set them up correctly.

You Doubt Your Ad Setup

You’re unsure if your ads are set up properly and need someone who knows to look over them to ensure everything is optimised for success.

You Can’t Afford an Agency

You’re looking for an affordable solution, as hiring an agency or outsourcing your ad management is beyond your current budget right now.

Join Popping Ads Playground today


"Amy is a Facebook Ads guru. Her Popping Ads Playground is my latest secret weapon to ramp up online sales. With simple, clear strategies that work, Amy's suggestions have created thousands of dollars of sales for my business at a ROAS as high as 17! Each week, I can check-in with Amy to monitor and tweak the campaigns or add more advanced strategies. Can't imagine my business without this amazing membership."
- Sue McGary
megan moore
"Joining Popping Ads Playground with Amy and the Advisory course was one of the best decisions we ever made for our business. The Advisory course is full of detailed technical strategy and contains all you need to understand the nuts and bolts of running Ads. Having the course, paired with Amy’s expertise in Popping Ads Playground, is where the magic really comes together! Amy breaks down the information in an understandable way and walks you through the technical processes step by step in real-time so you feel confident and clear about the options and strategy behind using Ads. Our reach has really grown since working with Amy, and I know it’s only the beginning. If you are curious about working with Ads, Amy is the go-to. Highly recommend her work!"
- Megan Moore (Elisha Tichelle & Co.)

Frequently asked questions

When you join the Playground you’ll get access to our google calendar that has the weekly zoom calls schedule. These will be announced in the private group via an event and you will also receive a monthly email with all the dates to mark in your diary.

If you have a simple question drop it in the group and I will do my best to answer it. If it is more complex then this may need to be looked at on our weekly calls. 
To have your questions answered or ads reviewed on the call simply comment on the group post for that weeks call.

All call recordings are uploaded into the Facebook group afterwards.

You can ask any questions about your ads. Big or small, there’s never a silly question. And I can guarantee if you think it is silly, there’s someone else so glad you asked as its helped them. This group is designed to help you understand the ins and out of Meta advertising and make it easier and hopefully more fun! After all we’re at the Playground.