Facebook ads to AMPLIFY your business

Facebook and Instagram ADS

making your social media POP! 

Does the thought of running Facebook ads make you want to run and hide?

You want to focus on your zone of genius. Creating and delivering amazing courses and offers. You don’t have the time or brain space to grapple the ins and outs of the Facebook ad world.

I get it, your time is valuable and Facebook ads can be scary [and hard] if it’s not your jam. But that’s where I can help.

When we work together I jump into your Facebook ads and treat them like my own. Think of me like an extension to your business as I get as invested in your ads like you do in your zone of genius. I’ll help you leverage your organic social media growth with paid ads and increase conversion rates with your advertising campaigns.

We approach things strategically and look at everything holistically, taking time to research and set solid foundations so those sale pings roll in.

If you’re stuck with your advertising [or your ads are stuck and not making you the sales] get in touch today and find out how we can make it sweeter.

What do you get?

Paid advertising can be complicated. Let us look after it and you can focus on the doing in your business

How we do it differently

Let's dive into some case studies so you can get a real feel for what we do.

What Clients Say
Anu Bidiliia testimony
"The world of Facebook ads is an absolute overwhelm for me and it took a lot of time too. Amy swooped in, took away the overwhelm, developed & discussed strategies and alternate strategies to make my ads work. She owns it and leads it like her own, including far fetched details like changing my website landing pages to fall in line with ads. She just knows (and loves - I think) ads and makes them make you money. It’s a total bonus that she’s a pleasure to work with."
- Anuradha
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"I've been working with Amy for the past several months, and so far she has helped me in so many more ways than just Facebook ads. She's provided support and guidance on my marketing strategy in general. But most importantly, she's really helped me set up some clear and direct followers using targeted ad campaigns to help me grow my business. I can't recommend Amy highly enough. She's extremely personable and really willing to help you achieve your goals in your business."
Melissa Kate Hypnobirthing
Amy Wyhoon Instagram Strategist
During my years of working in social media, I’ve learned how to get the best out of Facebook and Instagram —both paid and organic.

I get it, grappling the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram advertising can be tough. All you want is to attract a steady flow of paying clients to your amazing offer [aka making sales]. 

So lets do it! I’m ready to take a “jump in the deep end” approach with you to get through the maze that can be Facebook Advertising and get your ads popping!

Contact Amy to get your ads popping!