High ticket course sales

How we restored faith in using Facebook Ads to get results


The client is a digital marketing coach and educator who had previously promoted their signature course organically -via SEO and content marketing. Having previously not had a great experience with Facebook ads, she was nervous about using them again – seeing them as a ‘waste of money.’

In one month

637 new people clicked through to the website

Ad Spend





Our strategy was to take a TOP OF FUNNEL APPROACH.

First promoting a lead generation webinar and lead magnet to a cold audience then using retargeting to lead into the course waitlist of a period of a month.

Rather than relying on the webinar as the only lead into the course, we also ran ads to two separate lead magnets (a micro course and a checklist) which added people to the waiting list prior to launching.

We tested 9 different ad sets with varied interests to reach targeted audiences and monitored the campaigns closely to eliminate what wasn’t working and migrate the budget to more successful ads.

The campaign ran over a month.

This enabled us to test audiences, copy and graphics quickly in

To do this we spent 70% of the campaign budget across these list building ads.

The focus was to get people onto the email list by targeting a mix of warm and cold traffic. These were audiences made up of people engaging on socials and those who had visited the website plus people with interests related to the ideal client avatar.

This was also where we tested different styles of creative (images, photos, graphics or video) and learnt what was working and then created similar styles for the cart open purchase ads.

In this first round of ads we also increased engagement on Facebook and Instagram which helped to make the warm audience larger which we then retargeted cart open ads to. We needed an audience and needed it quickly. The strategy used here was to run the same ad with different objectives. This allowed us to run ads to get in front of people multiple times over the 10 days while the cart was open.

What we found

Testing ads

When time is short you have less time to test ads! This means you need a solid plan of how to spend the budget and what that allows you to test quickly.


Having a solid strategy gets results. While many people will say Facebook ads don’t work, chances are they had no strategy or the wrong strategy behind what they were doing. When you have a plan you can make more calculated decisions to spend the ad budget wisely making every dollar work for you.


Create an engaged audience on Facebook. By using content pieces to encourage activity on the platform enables Facebook to more easily to create an audience as more people are opting out of tracking off the app. Combining this engaged audience with the email list that was created is a great starting place for selling to.


If your course is profitable, there is always a way to generate even more revenue with the right ad strategy in place.


Success! Within a month, our client reached 637 new people and generated $12,248 in sales . . . with a total ad spend of $2070. We are now planning for the next course launch and incorporating a longer lead up time in the strategy to really warm up the audience.