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Say Goodbye To Failing Facebook Ads

You know well,  Facebook Ads can bring a flood of new leads to your online business.

So why aren’t they working for you?

You’ve tried all the tips and tricks but the spaghetti ain’t sticking. 

They do look and sound DIYable, don’t they?  So why aren’t they working, really?

Because they’re not, you’ve tried – you know. Especially since the iOS 14 updates, they’ve become ‘in the too hard basket’ difficult.

And If you want successful Facebook Ad campaigns that consistently bring in the right leads and more revenue, you must stay on top of the data. know what’s working, what’s not and when it’s time to make a change.

Should your time be invested in

NO, that's why you're here

You're ready to

focus on showing up brilliantly for your clients and community

and let Facebook Ads grow your business while you sleep.

Facebook ad strategies to AMPLIFY your offer

I help purpose driven coaches and course creators who want to scale their offerings and maximise their potential and income.

Ready to get seriously strategic, grow your business and make it pop?

  • We’ll increase engagement with your organic content.
  • Find the right people for your offer.
  • Convert those leads to sales.
We create a flow of consistent high quality leads into your funnel so you can use your energy to turn up, create a sustainable business and be the superstar that you are.

The Sugarpop Social Solution


Audit, structure and strategise. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


Implement, test, optimise and repeat the process. We want to keep fine tuning and finding what works.


It’s. Time. To. Scale. We know what works, let’s POP that business champagne.

Amplified…Strategies that work

Right for you if:

Build Your Audience. Grow Your Community. Launch Your Offers.

Build Your Audience.
Grow Your Community.
Launch Your Offers.

List Building

Ads Setup & Ongoing management

Ads setup only

1:1 consult

Management and launch packages start at $2,000 per month (+ gst for Australian businesses).

Service agreements are mostly a 3 month minimum.

Let's Chat

If you’re ready to scale and need someone you can trust like family.

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.​


Anu Bidiliia testimony
"The world of Facebook ads is an absolute overwhelm for me and it took a lot of time too. Amy swooped in, took away the overwhelm, developed & discussed strategies and alternate strategies to make my ads work. She owns it and leads it like her own, including far fetched details like changing my website landing pages to fall in line with ads. She just knows (and loves - I think) ads and makes them make you money. It’s a total bonus that she’s a pleasure to work with."
- Anuradha
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"I've been working with Amy for the past several months, and so far she has helped me in so many more ways than just Facebook ads. She's provided support and guidance on my marketing strategy in general. But most importantly, she's really helped me set up some clear and direct followers using targeted ad campaigns to help me grow my business. I can't recommend Amy highly enough. She's extremely personable and really willing to help you achieve your goals in your business."
- Melissa Kate
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