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Ads strategies

that get Powerful Results, improve Cost-Efficiency & boost Visibility

Hey Superstar!

You’ve achieved more than most people will ever understand.

You’ve built a successful online business from the ground up and it’s ready to go to the next level and scale.

Amidst the juggle of being all.the.things, creator, marketer, ads manager, and the rest, you remembered you’re human and if your business is going to be sustainable you need your energy to do the things that light you up.

(Figuring out how to consistently grow with Facebook Ads isn’t one of ‘em).

Your offer changes lives and it’s time to be the CEO your business needs you to be, fully focused on having an impact on lives and making a difference.

You want to be 110%

  • Focused on activating your zone of genius
  • Turning up to shine brilliantly for your clients
  • Pouring your heart and soul into your community

Create the movement your soul is calling for

And stop faffing around in the Facebook Ads maze doing just better than break even!

It’s time to team up with a rock-solid Facebook ads strategist. One who knows how to expertly turn your content into an amped-up, lead generating strategy for seriously consistent growth and free you up to deliver your purpose.


Facebook ads nerd, successful food blogger and I solemnly confess to a more-than-occasional Netflix bingefest.


SugarPop Social Bakes Facebook & Instagram ads to Perfection!

You won’t find messy outdated targeting strategies from 2016 here!
No, instead you’ll get the saucy lead generation strategies that grow businesses to 6 and 7 figures.
Creating a personalised strategy that magnetises your content, builds affinity and authority and converts like sticky date pudding in the newsfeed!
Helping coaches and online course creators focus on growing their businesses to where they dream to be, is what I do best.
I take the reins on your Facebook and Instagram ads, so you can show up and be the catalyst to the change you want to see in this world, through your work.

You’re probably wondering…

Can I help your business grow with Facebook ads?

Do you have a tested converting funnel with an offer value $500+
and you want to accelerate your sales?



Live Masterclass /

3-5 Day

I create tailored strategic Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to increase leads and revenue while keeping an eagle eye on costs per lead.

If you want a team player who will look for the sweet spot opportunities others overlook (or just don’t have the smarts to find) and customise your strategy to deliver while growing your marketable audience, let’s talk!

Our Services

List Building

Ads Setup & Ongoing management

Ads setup with you

1:1 consult


Anu Bidiliia testimony
"The world of Facebook ads is an absolute overwhelm for me and it took a lot of time too. Amy swooped in, took away the overwhelm, developed & discussed strategies and alternate strategies to make my ads work. She owns it and leads it like her own, including far fetched details like changing my website landing pages to fall in line with ads. She just knows (and loves - I think) ads and makes them make you money. It’s a total bonus that she’s a pleasure to work with."
- Anuradha
Rebecca Ray pink
Amy is an exceptional Facebook ads manager. She is focused on results, creative in her campaigns, and - my favourite part - always shows initiative to get the most out of ad spend. If paid advertising does your head in like me, then Amy is your answer!
- Dr Rebecca Ray
Rebecca Ray